Sweet Brown’s Basketball Team

Title:   Sweet Brown’s Bison Middle School Basketball team.

HOST Starley:   Sweet Brown had never lost a basketball game she coached for this 10-12 year old age group.  It was the only age group she ever coached.  She inspired this age.  They would play very hard, smart and together unselfishly.  Sweet Brown was always in a hurry but extremely thorough and competent with her instructions.  As many of you may already know she never had a lot of time.   The kids always listened closely when she coached.  They trusted and liked her.

They even learned to trust and share the ball with each other.   Each kid learned to play each position in case a teammate was hurt, did not have their grades, had a funeral to go to, was grounded, or sick and could not play.  With this Sweet Brown knew all too well not to trust the kids or the referees.  It was, what it was.

Host Starely:  This year was more special for her because her own twin boys, the boy’s younger uncle and all of her nephews were old enough to be on the team.  She intended to give them all nicknames.  There was sweet pea, sweet tea, sweet potato, sweetness, sweet dream, sweet spot, bitter sweet, sweet tomato, sweet and sour, sweet bread, sweet emotion, sweet child, sweetheart, sweet inspiration, sweet kiss, sweet leaf, sweet love, sweet memories, sweet nothings, sweet revenge, sweetie, sweetie pie, sweet thing, sweet tooth, sweet vermouth, sweet Georgia Brown, sweet Jane.

Host Starely:  Sweet Brown never got around to actually assigning them the names. There were too many good ones and she only had 9 players. Plus, she did not have time for it.


Interviewer asks:  Sweet Brown,  can you tell us what happened?


Sweet Brown answers:   SO, well, so…..IT WAS THE END OF THE FOURTH QUARTER. WE WAS DOWN BY 2 POINTS AND ONLY 12 SECONDS ON THE CLOCK.  I thought we was ok.  I was thank’in overtime. I was losin my voice like that girl Lauren Chitis lost hers, you know, cause I was yell in to my team.  “No time for this, no time for that.  Lord Jesus, please!!  ATHAWAY!   ATHAWAY!    ATHAWAY!      SHOT!    GET BACK!     WATCH BEHIND YOU!      LOOK UP!     TWO HANDS!       GRAB IT!    HURRY UP!       FOLLOW YOUR SHOT!       GUARD HIM!       ARE YOU TIRED!    TRAVELING REF!        COME ON REF!   You know. That kind of stuff.

Interviewer nods okay but asks:    What does Ot-tha-way mean Sweet Brown?

Sweet Brown answers:  “Spacin”.

Interviewer:   Looks in the camera confused then looks back to Sweet Brown.

Sweet Brown:  You know,  “Spacin”.

Interviewer:    Can you use it in a sentence Sweet Brown so the audience can know?

Sweet Brown answers:   Get o-tha-way Jordan! when Davion is driving into the basket.

Interviewer:  nods her head up and down and ask for more,   And?

Sweet Brown says:   “WELL,  I turned back around from gettin me a cold pop just in time to see one of my players (Jerome) launching another redicu-lass 3 pointer. Not just any 3 pointer!  It was a “NBA” 3 pointer!” That ball went so high it just missed the rafters and skimmed the bottom of the championship banner hangin way up yonder…(she points up)  the one we won lass year!!!  So, that was one thang, but then  I saw my Bisons, (God luvs’em), watching the shot from downtown ….flyin thru the are….. and not blocking out fIrst….. fix’in to get after the rebound!!!

Sweet Brown takes a deep breath moans and continues:   I thought  “oh lord Jesus!!!……. it’s another turnover!!!”.  “WE GONNA LOSE.” “OH JESUS, WE AIN’T SUPPOSE TO LOSE”  “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THIS!  I grabbed for my chest and I hollered real loud for a time out and the ref wouldn’t give it to me…… “the ball STILL wasn’t to the basket yet”…..”can you believe THAT”….I said, with my eyes closed tight and looking up Jesus, I’m comin to be with ya…..so, I opend my eyes and I was still here….Then,  I yelled this time as loud as I could at my team…….the cold pop had fixed my throat……


Sweet Brown drops her head slightly, sighs real hard and says:  “BUT IT WAS TOO LATE”.  “The shot done dropped in and hit noth’in but NET.  I hoped I wasn’t hav’en one of them Charles Boney (Bonnet) episodes.  The cords was smokin.  The fans ran onto the court screamin for joy.  Praisin the Lord.  I had to leave the area cause you know  I got Charles Bronson chitis from the smoke (covers her mouth and clears her chest with a cough)when my house burned down last month.

Interviewer: keeps holding the  microphone up to Sweet Brown nodding. So it was over?

Sweet Brown says:  oh lord Jesus the clock ran out the las 3 seconds.” “I just dropped to my knees, folded my hands, bowed my head, closed my eyes and said thank you, thank you,  sweet Jesus!” A MAN!!!!!

Sweet Brown looks into the camera smiling, winks her right eye and says: “Every BISON  got time for that!!!”

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